September 5, 2016

OmniCam-360 at ISTAF – Panorama UHD video production and live streaming with the OmniCam-360

With the help of the OmniCam-360 from Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, panorama recordings can be made for immersive applications. The OmniCam-360 is equipped with ten micro-HD cameras and records an UHD panorama video with a maximum resolution of 10K x 2K pixels. The flexible system is therefore suitable for a wide variety of 360 degree panorama productions. With its special mechanical and optical characteristics, the mirror-based OmniCam-360 permits the optimum arrangement of several HD cameras for the parallax-free recording (stitching) of video panoramas in real time.

During the international stadium party in Berlin (ISTAF) the competitions were recorded in 360 degree with the OmniCam-360. A 5G portable radio system transmitted the recordings of the panorama camera to a wider lodge. Therefore, the sport event could not only been watched up closely but also in a 360 degree round view – via Virtual Reality glasses, on Tablets or on UHD televisions. Impressive panorama recordings were made during the event and if the spectator sees these recordings on Virtual glasses, he gets the impression of being right in the stadium. The panorama has been recorded in UHD quality on the television. Here, the viewer could choose his own viewing angle, zoom in and out, turn the picture on the TV display using a simple remote control.