September 13, 2016

The 7. Energy Day for the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region was held in the Battery and Sensor Test Centre of Fraunhofer HHI

Under the motto “Energy and Material Efficiency: Central Importance for the Region”, experts discussed energy transition and climate protection strategies at the 7th Energy Day of the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region in the Battery and Sensor Test Centre (Battery Safety Lab) of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI in Goslar. In addition to positive ecological aspects, improving resource efficiency among other things also creates a competitive advantage, can help avoid supply bottlenecks and is directly linked to the economic success of companies.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Minister of the Environment and long-time Director of UNEP, the UN environmental protection program, kicked off the 7th Energy Day with his presentation “Resource Efficiency: Foundation of a Successful Energy Transition”. The subsequent podium discussion focused on regional implementation potential. Podium participants Klaus Töpfer, Manuela Hahn (Zweckverband Großraum Braunschweig), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schade (Fraunhofer HHI, Technical University Claustal), Dr.-Ing. Jochen Stöbich (Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH) and District Administrator Thomas Brych (Goslar district) under the moderation of Thomas Krause (EnergieAgentur e.V.) together with the attendees discussed steps that have to be taken in the region for the conservation and wise use of energy and resources.

The Energy Day was organised by Regionale EnergieAgentur e. V. in cooperation with the Allianz für die Region GmbH, the Zweckverband Großraum Braunschweig, the district of Goslar and the town of Goslar.