August 4, 2017

Fraunhofer HHI presents recent developments in Virtual and Augmented Reality at IFA and IBC

Not new anymore but still up to date: Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are again in the focus of the broadcasting and consumer electronics fairs IBC and IFA this fall.

New technologies from Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI, ensure that there are almost no limits in VR and AR worlds. Both subjects are still in the “hype” phase, but still need more development concerning production, capturing and streaming. Therefore, Fraunhofer HHI further developed their already known products to present them to curious technic fans and interested expert audience at IBC in Amsterdam and IFA in Berlin.

In the field of VR and AR innovations for the digital future, Fraunhofer HHI researches and develops especially in the fields of audio-visual and interactive content, applications and production technologies in three-dimensional space. The researchers of the Fraunhofer HHI have developed very reliable technology in the past years when it comes to the recording of scenes that are able to achieve realistic impressions. At the heart of 360 degree video technology is the OmniCam-360.

New 360 degree OmniCam-360 with closed sphere and live stitching

Fraunhofer HHI’s OmniCam-360 is a worldwide unique system for recording high-resolution video panoramas. For instance, sport or musical events can be experienced in an Ultra High Definition panorama up to 360 degrees. The latest development makes it possible to provide this UHD panoramic content for Virtual Reality (VR) glasses. Thanks to the real-time solution of Fraunhofer HHI, the ten single camera segments are smoothly composed to an UHD video that can be transmitted to VR glasses so that the spectator is able to enjoy a truly immersive experience. For the use of VR glasses an UHD receiver decodes the HEVC panorama video and the full panorama is down sampled to UHD and re-encoded.

At IBC 2017, the new very light version of the OmniCam-360 will be shown. With an 11th camera facing the sky this new camera system is closing the sphere. With the use of the newest Indie Cam generation, the image quality of the whole system was improved. The new generation of OmniCam-360 is now at a cost level that is comparable to other 360 degree camera systems on the market.

Tile Based DASH Streaming for Virtual Reality with HEVC

The resolution of virtual worlds is improvable – the image quality is often yet small. The new technology Tile Based Streaming should change this now. Only high-resolution content can give a sense of immersion in VR video applications, but the large amount of data poses a challenge to common transport systems and decoders. Tile based DASH streaming with lightweight HEVC Tile Aggregation allows to easily adapt on-the-fly the 360 degree video data stream to the current user viewport. This technology allows reducing throughput and decoder requirements significantly without complex transcoding.

Visit the Fraunhofer booth at IBC 2017 to get to know more about the HEVC technology of Fraunhofer HHI.

3D Human Body Reconstruction

Another highlight in Virtual Reality is the 3D Human Body Reconstruction of Fraunhofer HHI. The technology captures real persons with multiple cameras at the same time and creates naturally moving dynamic 3D models. Afterwards, they can be integrated in computer graphics virtual worlds or real scenes. A novel capture and lighting system is under construction that allows 360 degrees volumetric video acquisition and creation of full dynamic 3D Human Body Reconstruction.

At IBC 2017 and IFA 2017, you can experience more about the 3D Human Body Reconstruction technology.

On the event pages, you find further information concerning the Fraunhofer HHI booths at IFA and IBC as well as information on the innovative technologies and solutions that will be presented.