Fraunhofer HHI and UFA among the Top Ten for “Volumetric Video” at the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg

December 4, 2017

The winners of the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg were announced on Friday. Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute along with UFA are among the Top Ten. The innovation of their project includes the first walk-in movie in Germany, which enables the audience to immerse in the events of the action. The key “Volumetric Video” technology required for such walk-in movies, developed by Fraunhofer HHI, is unique in Europe.

The so-called walk-in or volumetric movie introduces a particularly pioneering technology. This unique new medium portrays the action in a three-dimensional environment, allowing the viewer to move freely around the actors and observe them from any perspective, thus becoming a part of the movie scene. “Volumetric Video” is regarded worldwide as the next important development step in the field of media production. “Volumetric Video” is currently becoming a key technology, especially in the context of the extremely rapid development of the Virtual Reality (VR) und Augmented Reality (AR) markets.

Fraunhofer HHI has developed an especially innovative technology for “Volumetric Video”, the “3D Human Body Reconstruction” (3DHBR). UFA LAB and UFA Technology applied 3DHBR in a test production to create an innovative VR experience in the walk-in short movie "Gateway to Infinity"