Project launched for the supply of energy using intelligent high-performance batteries

June 15, 2017

The energy revolution poses new challenges for supply security in power networks, demanding innovative solutions. Subsidized by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with EUR 2.65 million, the “ReserveBatt – Instantaneous Reserve with High-Performance Batteries” project is investigating how network stability can be maintained given the increasing use of renewable energy and the phase-out of conventional large-scale power plants. The industry is contributing an additional EUR 1.9 million.

In the research project launched on June 1st, the scientists at the Energy Research Center of Lower Saxony (EFZN) in Goslar, Germany, Clausthal University of Technology, and the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI are investigating how high-performance, intelligent battery systems can be used to ensure a consistent balance between fluctuating energy generation and consumption. They are supported by industry partners, who are assisting the researchers with an application-oriented implementation of the high-performance battery system consisting of the battery and power electronics components for network integration.

A battery suited especially for high-performance applications is being connected to the energy supply network using controlled power electronics components in the three-year project. The control and management of these power electronics components is being realized using the patented Virtual Synchronous Machine (VISMA) principle developed by the Clausthal researchers. Consisting of a battery and power electronics components, the system can be controlled so that it acts like a generator in a large-scale power plant, exhibiting the same stabilizing characteristics.

Two network operators, Harz Energie Netz GmbH and Tennet TSO GmbH, are participating in the project in order to define the requirements for the battery system from the network perspective and to evaluate the stabilizing effect. The high-performance battery storage system for the project is being built by AKASOL GmbH. The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute will pursue the further development of the sensor technology in cooperation with Stöbich technology GmbH, and of the high-performance battery application with the Energy Research Center of Lower Saxony (EFZN). Infineon Technologies AG and LTI ReEnergy GmbH are covering the line of research for the energy transformation system and its components. Field testing is being performed with Harz Energie in Goslar.