Ramez Askar receives "Best Paper Award" at 4th International SmartCom Workshop

November 3, 2017

At SmartCom, the 4th International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications, which took place in Rome, Italy, Ramez Askar, researcher at Fraunhofer HHI, and his colleagues and paper co-authors won the “Best Paper Award”.

The winning paper with the title “Analysis of Utilizing Lossless Networks for Self-Interference Cancellation Purpose in Full-Duplex Wireless Transceivers” by Ramez Askar, Abdulsalam Hamdan, Wilhelm Keusgen and Thomas Haustein (all Fraunhofer HHI) was presented by the lead author Askar during the poster session at SmartCom 2017. The paper proposes a novel method to cancel the self-interference as a key-enabling technique for full-duplex scheme in wireless transceivers. Full-duplex in wireless communication systems is a duplexing scheme that has the potential to double the spectral utilization efficiency. The method relies on reactive components as building blocks to realize a lossless, where no thermal dissipation occurs, network, which is primarily used to suppress the self-interference. Furthermore, it optimizes the power delivery among the antenna elements and wireless transceiver frontends.

Ramet Askar, M.Sc., works as research associate at the department of Wireless Communications and Networks at Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute since October 2016. His research focuses on full-duplex wireless communications as he is working toward his doctoral title.