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November 21, 2018CiViQ brings quantum technologies to the telecommunications arena
November 15, 2018Volucap receives “VR Technology Award” and “VR NOW Grand Prize” at the VR NOW Awards 2018
October 31, 2018Fraunhofer HHI will present 3D endoscope system for industrial and medical applications at VISION
October 15, 2018A leap into quantum technology: Fraunhofer HHI participates in Q.Link.X project consortium, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
September 11, 2018Fraunhofer HHI shows latest video technologies at IBC
September 3, 2018Real-time layer thickness measurement with terahertz
August 27, 2018 IFA 2018: High-definition video footage enters Virtual Reality with MPEG-OMAF and HEVC tiles of Fraunhofer HHI
August 16, 2018Fraunhofer HHI is developing next-generation quantum communications technology in the UNIQORN project
July 11, 2018Project completion of 5G-CHARISMA – Successful Development of new Network Architectures for the 5G Mobile Communication Networks
June 15, 20182.5 Gb/s millimeter radio communication for 5G via Ethernet-based fronthaul demonstrated
June 14, 2018Fraunhofer HHI enables live broadcast of the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Ultra HD on Swisscom TV
June 14, 2018First real-time test of Li-Fi utilization for the industrial Internet of Things 
June 11, 2018 Volumetric studio opens in Babelsberg just outside Berlin
June 5, 2018CeBIT 2018: Mixed Reality: Walking naturally between worlds
April 26, 2018First Li-Fi-product with technology from Fraunhofer HHI launched in Japan
April 16, 2018Real-time layer thickness measurement with terahertz
April 5, 2018Award for walk-in movie „Ein Ganzes Leben“ (A whole life)
March 16, 2018Fraunhofer HHI develops a distributed aggregation and reception of a record net capacity of 400 Gb/s superchannel in a single-photodiode 110-GHz Kramers-Kronig Receiver
February 26, 2018 Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal Office for Information Security: "Germany can be proud of its achievements with regard to science and technology"
February 21, 2018 Camera technology in vehicles: Low-latency image data compression
February 19, 2018Fraunhofer HHI presents latest VR and 5G technologies at Mobile World Congress
February 16, 2018Fraunhofer HHI put into operation first volumetric video studio on the European continent 
February 7, 2018 Fraunhofer HHI presents the latest Li-Fi research at the first Global LiFi Congress in Paris
January 23, 2018Fraunhofer HHI at Photonics West
January 18, 2018Kathleen Schröter, Fraunhofer HHI, is awarded with the AIS Distinguished Leadership Award 2018
January 17, 2018Fraunhofer HHI receives AIS Technology Innovation Award 2018 for 3D Human Body Reconstruction



November 23, 2017Slawomir Stanczak from Fraunhofer HHI unanimously elected Chairman of a new ITU Focus Group on ‘Machine Learning for Future Networks including 5G’
November 6, 2017Medica 2017: Fraunhofer HHI and ARRI Medical present digital 3D surgical microscope
November 3, 2017Classroom in Stuttgart with Li-Fi of Fraunhofer HHI opened
November 2, 2017A New Language for VR Streaming: MPEG Technically Finalized First International Standard for VR Streaming
October 26, 2017Fraunhofer HHI, Huawei, MediaTek, Nokia, Qualcomm Incorporated, Samsung and Sony Corp. Celebrate the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding 2017 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award
October 18, 2017PolyPhotonics project Berlin: Fraunhofer HHI and partners present optical chips made of polymer
October 5, 2017Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen bringen Anwendungsfälle für Industrie 4.0 in die internationale 5G-Standardisierung ein (German only)
September 28, 201725G/50G Low-Latency Ethernet MAC, Optimized for Xilinx Ultrascale+ Transceiver Technology
September 20, 2017Fraunhofer HHI presents MPEG OMAF viewport-dependent VR video streaming using HEVC tiles
September 15, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at ECOC in Gothenburg
September 14, 2017SES and Fraunhofer HHI broadcast live 360-degree panorama video via satellite with HEVC
September 13, 2017Fraunhofer HHI shows new Virtual Reality application at IBC
September 12, 2017Fraunhofer HHI with latest VR and AR technologies at IBC in Amsterdam
August 15, 2017Virtual Reality: 3D Human Body Reconstruction from Fraunhofer HHI digitizes human beings
August 15, 2017Fraunhofer HHI released new version of its open-source radio propagation model QuaDRiGa to be used in future 5G evaluations
July 5, 2017ZDF relies on Rohde & Schwarz and Fraunhofer HHI for the transition to DVB-T2
June 28, 2017

Fraunhofer HHI successfully completes the project “Installation of VLC technology on the Island of Mainau”

June 22, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at Laser World of Photonics, June 26-29, 2017, Munich, Germany
June 15, 2017Fraunhofer HHI öffnet Forschungslabore zur 17. Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften (German only)
May 4, 2017Control 2017: Fraunhofer HHI presents digital 3D endoscopy and Terahertz sensing
April 24, 2017NAB 2017: Rohde und Schwarz and Fraunhofer HHI present latest encoding solutions
April 21, 2017Fraunhofer HHI with latest VR technologies at NAB in Las Vegas
April 20, 2017Fraunhofer HHI presents interaction components for contactless human-machine operation at the Hannover Messe trade fair
April 18, 2017Hannover Messe 2017: 5G the ultrafast wireless communications standard – Industrie 4.0 in real time
April 12, 2017Fraunhofer HHI and UFA present Germany’s first volumetric film test production at NAB in Las Vegas
March 31, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at FOE, April 5-7, 2017, Tokyo
March 17, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at OFC 2017
March 13, 2017CeBIT 2017: Analysis software for neural networks – Watching computers think
March 01, 2017Project start Industrial Communication for Factories (IC4F)
February 27, 2017NanoSemi, N.A.T. and Fraunhofer HHI at Mobile World Congress: Multi-Band/ Multi-Carrier demonstration with a linearized Power Amplifier
February 24, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at Mobile World Congress with VR and 5G technologies
February 17, 2017

VR experience at Berlinale 2017 – on the red carpet with the OmniCam-360 from Fraunhofer HHI

January 25, 2017Fraunhofer HHI at Photonics West 2017, January 28 to February 2, San Francisco
January 3, 2017Tile Based DASH Streaming for Virtual Reality with HEVC – Enabler for high quality 360 degree video from Fraunhofer HHI at CES



December 6, 2016The German TV industry makes its move into virtual reality (German only)
November 23, 2016Fraunhofer HHI enters into cooperation partnerships for 360-degree image and sound, VR and AR with Filmuniversität Babelsberg and UFA
November 10, 20162x1.7-Terabit/s eye-safe optical link demonstrated over 380 meters at Fraunhofer HHI
November 7, 2016Contactless interface for hospital IT avoids germ transmission
October 10, 2016The PolyPhotonics project starts in Berlin: Fraunhofer HHI and partners develop market-ready polymer chips for many applications
October 6, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at micro photonics in Berlin, October 11-13, 2016
September 20, 2016Fujitsu and Fraunhofer HHI develop first-ever simultaneous wavelength conversion technology with no wavelength restriction in next-generation optical networks
September 15, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at ECOC in Düsseldorf, Germany, September 19-21, 2016
September 6, 2016Virtual Reality: Tile Based HEVC Video – Enabler for high quality VR streaming from Fraunhofer HHI
September 5, 2016SES and Fraunhofer HHI demonstrate Virtual Reality via satellite
August 31, 2016Virtual Reality: 3D Human Body Reconstruction from Fraunhofer HHI digitizes Human Beings
June 22, 2016"Forschen macht Spaß“ – Grundschüler zu Besuch im Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (German only)
June 21, 2016

Staatssekretärin Zypries eröffnet Smart Data Forum in Berlin (German only)

June 6, 2016

Fraunhofer HHI bei Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (German only)

May 13, 2016OmniCam-360 from Fraunhofer HHI creates panoramic images for s.Oliver
April 25, 2016Fraunhofer HHI takes stock: Project Phase A concluded with the installation of VLC technology on Mainau Island
April 18, 2016Hannover Messe: Fraunhofer HHI shows an optical LiFi solution for reliable wireless communication
April 12, 2016Premiere at NAB: Fraunhofer HHI introduces the OmniCam-360 for recording 3D video panoramas in real time
March 23, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at FOE 2016, April 06-08 in Tokyo, Japan
March 9, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at OFC 2016, March 22-24 in Anaheim, USA
March 7, 2016CeBIT 2016: Proxemic Monitor from Fraunhofer HHI improves processes in the Intensive Care Unit
March 3, 2016In the middle of the action at Konzerthaus Berlin – with the OmniCam-360
February 18, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at Embedded World 2016, February 23-25 in Nuremberg
February 17, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at Mobile World Congress 2016, February 22-25 in Barcelona
February 4, 2016Wiegand, Executive Director of Fraunhofer HHI, is a new member of acatech
February 3, 2016Fraunhofer HHI successfully completed Panorama-Live-Streaming through the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic
February 1, 2016Fraunhofer HHI at Photonics West 2016, February 13-18 in San Francisco