Panoramic UHD video production and live streaming with the OmniCam-360

Acquisition of panoramic UHD video

Fraunhofer HHI has developed a set of scalable mirror-based multi-camera systems that can be used for capturing high-resolution 2D and 3D video panoramas for immersive applications. The latest 360-degree version of this series is based on ten 36 degree mirror segments and can be equipped with 10 Micro HD cameras to provide panoramic UHD video content with a total resolution of about 10,000 x 2,000 pel. With its special mechanical and optical features this new OmniCam-360 enables optimal arrangement of multiple HD cameras for parallax-free stitching of video panoramas in real time.

Further key features of this new lightweight system, only 16 kg, are its robustness and compactness that allow for easy handling with minimum effort for adjustment and calibration. Its high performance, functionality and practicability have already been successfully proven in several commercial productions.

Real Time Stitching Engine and Preview Monitoring

For real-time processing of panoramic UHD video a software-based solution in the shape of the Real-time Stitching Engine has been developed. It supports all the processes needed for the production of UHD panoramas from a given number of omnidirectional camera images, such as color matching, warping, stitching and blending. The real-time software runs on a single multi-core PC equipped with off-the-shelf graphic boards and is able to process a number of HD input streams in parallel.

Furthermore, the Real-time Stitching Engine supports different output formats:

  • A down-sampled low-res panorama embedded in a regular HD frame that can be used for preview monitoring at the set, for viewing of dailies and editing of proxies in post-production;
  • An HD frame that can be panned and zoomed within the high-res panorama to watch details of the panoramic content during live productions, to transmit partial HD frames out of the panoramic content in conventional broadcast environments or to allow user navigation in interactive applications;
  • Multiple HD outputs by decomposing the full panorama into several overlapping HD tiles that can be encoded in parallel for live transmissions of entire high-res UHD content;
  • The latest development makes it possible to transmit the UHD panoramic content to so-called Virtual Reality (VR) glasses so that the spectator is able to enjoy a truly immersive experience.

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