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November 2021

On the Link between Subjective Score Prediction and Disagreement of Video Quality Metrics

Lohic Fotio Tiotsop, Sebastian Bosse, Florence Agboma, Glenn van Wallendael, Ahmed Aldahdooh, Lucjan Janowski, Marcus Barkowsky, Enrico Masala


It is common to observe signi?cant disagreements amongst the quality predictions of these VQMs for the same video sequence. Herein, a measure for quantifying the disagreement between VQMs is proposed. We propose a disagreement measure that...

November 2021

Demonstration of latency-aware 5G network slicing on optical metro networks

Mohammad Behnam Shariati, Ronald Freund, Johannes Fischer, R. Nejabati, Jörg-Peter Elbers, Dimitra Simeonidou, R. Casellas, O. González de Dios, A. Autenrieth, Luis Velasco, Ralf-Peter Braun, Annika Dochhan, Bodo Lent, Marc Ruiz, J.J. Pedreno-Manresa, A. S. Muqaddas, J. E. Lopez de Vergara, S. López-Buedo, F.J. Moreno, P. Pavón, S. Patri, A. Giorgetti, A. Sgambelluri, F. Cugini, L. Luque Canto

The H2020 METRO-HAUL European project has architected a latency-aware, cost-effective, agile, and programmable optical metro network. This includes the design of semidisaggregated metro nodes with compute and storage capabilities, which interface...

November 2021

Secure Multi-Party Computation and Statistics Sharing for ML Model Training in Multi-domain Multi-vendor Networks

Pooyan Safari, Johanna Fischer, Mohammad Behnam Shariati, Geronimo Bergk

We propose a secure aggregation algorithm that allows proprietary-owned domains, hosting statistically different datasets, train and operate ML models in a Horizontally Federated Learning fashion. The obtained results show a compelling test...

November 2021

Radiation pattern of planar optoelectronic antennas for broadband continuous-wave terahertz emission

Simon Nellen, Martin Schell, Björn Globisch, Robert Kohlhaas, Lars Liebermeister, Milan Deumer, Sebastian Lauck, Garrit William Johannes Schwanke

In future wireless communication networks at terahertz frequencies, the directivity and the beam profile of the emitters are highly relevant since no additional beam forming optics can be placed in free-space between the emitter and receiver. We...

November 2021

Vertical Federated Learning for Privacy-Preserving ML Model Development in Partially Disaggregated Networks

Nazila Hashemi, Johannes Fischer, Mohammad Behnam Shariati, Pooyan Safari

We present a novel framework that enables vendors and operators, with partial access to operational and monitoring features of a service, to collaboratively develop a ML-assisted solution without revealing any business-critical raw data to each...

November 2021

Can You Do Real-Time Gesture Recognition with 5 Watts?

Azrin Rahman, Peter Eisert, Sebastian Bosse, Detlef Runde, David Przewozny, Paul Chojecki, Mykyta Kovalenko

Accurate and reliable gesture recognition is a central problem in human-computer interaction (HCI). Many applications that make use of gesture recognition call for mobile devices with reduced power consumption, weight and form factors. Recent...

October 2021

Endoscopic measurement of nasal septum perforations

Jean-Claude Rosenthal, Peter Eisert, Anna Hilsmann, Eric Wisotzky, Florian C. Uecker, Carsten Matuschek, Melanie Hobl

Nasal septum perforations (NSP) have many uncomfortable symptoms for the patient and a highly negative impact on quality of life. NSPs are closed using patient-specific implants or surgery. Implants are created either under anesthesia using...

October 2021

Enabling S-C-L-Band Systems with Standard C-Band Modulator and Coherent Receiver using Coherent System Identification and Nonlinear Predistortion

Robert Emmerich, Colja Schubert, Carsten Schmidt-Langhorst, Ronald Freund, Robert Elschner, Isaac Sackey, Matheus Ribeiro Sena

A promising solution to keep up with the rapid growth in global traffic while at the same time addressing increasing network cost, is the efficient reuse of installed legacy optical fiber. Multiband systems are promising solutions to capitalize...

September 2021

2D Optical Phased Arrays for Laser Beam Steering Based on 3D Polymer Photonic Integrated Circuits

Adam Raptakis, Christos Kouloumentas, Moritz Kleinert, Hercules Avramopoulos, Norbert Keil, Panos Groumas, Lefteris Gounaridis, Christos Tsokos, Madeleine Weigel, Michalis Georgiopoulos, Elias Mylonas

A novel concept for the implementation of 2-dimensional (2D) optical phased arrays (OPAs) with end-fire waveguides as antenna elements (AEs) is proposed and its theoretical model and experimental proof is presented. The concept is based on the...

September 2021

Influence of losses on the Laser Voltage drop of the active section

Magnus Happach, Norbert Keil, Martin Schell, Moritz Kleinert, Walter Brinker, Crispin Zawadzki, Martin Moehrle, David de Felipe Mesquida, Martin Kresse, Gelani Irmscher, Werner Hofmann, Victor Nicolai Friedhoff

A model of a tunable distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser describing the effect of cavity losses on the gain voltage is presented. Theoretical and experimental results are in good agreement. Measurements show the gain voltage trace for Bragg...

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