March 27, 2014

Girls'Day 2014

Three different workshops in Berlin and Goslar give fascinating insights into the world of optical telecommunications. The sixth time in a row the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI is taking part in Germany's biggest career guidance project for school girls.

March 24, 2014

Dr. Torsten Mehlhorn in his Interview
with the Photonics Cluster

At the center of all our activities is the customer seeking a solution – Dr. Torsten Mehlhorn in his interview with Markus Wabersky on Fraunhofer HHI cooperation partners, the Cluster Alliance Berlin-Warsaw and the projects "Phoenix" and "ActPhast".

February 27, 2014

Every second bit now carried on the Internet involves an optical component developed by Fraunhofer HHI – Executive director Professor Martin Schell in his interview with the Photonics Cluster

In his interview with Markus Wabersky, Professor Martin Schell, executive director of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, talks about future technologies in optical data communication, the takeover of the HHI spin-off u2t Photonics by technology leader Finisar, HHI’s collaboration with SMEs and the forms and benefits of such cooperation.

February 19, 2014

Announcing the Opening of Science Year 2014 "The Digital Society"

The Science Year 2014 with its particular focus on the Digital Society was inaugurated on 19 February with an opening event in Berlin’s Museum of Communications. Visitors could view the Interactive 3D Book Explorer developed by Fraunhofer HHI in association with the Bavarian State Library along with a host of other exhibits from the field of digital interactive media.

February 07, 2014

Exhibition Opening in Berlin – Interactive Media and Glasses-free 3D Solutions

At the premises of Q110 – Deutsche Bank’s vision of the future of retail banking – the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute is presenting in association with BTK – University of Applied Sciences an exhibition of solutions in the field of interactive media.

January 22, 2014

Fiber Optical Sensor Systems will become part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

The Fiber Optical Sensor Systems project group at the Clausthal University of Technology will become an integral part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.


April 09, 2014

Winner of the EURASIP Best Paper Award 2014

With its Best Paper Award 2014 for “The effects of multiview depth video compression on multiview rendering”, the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) honors the work done by Fraunhofer HHI on the special characteristics of depth maps in the context of 3D video coding.

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