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Juni 2023

Bridging the Gap: Gaze Events as Interpretable Concepts to Explain Deep Neural Sequence Models

Daniel Krakowczyk, Sebastian Lapuschkin, David Robert Reich, Paul Prasse, Lena Ann Jäger, Tobias Scheffer

Recent work in XAI for eye tracking data has evaluated the suitability of feature attribution methods to explain the output of deep neural sequence models for the task of oculomotric biometric identification. In this work, we employ established...

Mai 2023

Semantic modeling of cell damage prediction: A machine learning approach at human-level performance in dermatology

Patrick Wagner, Jackie Ma, Maximilian Springenberg, Marius Kröger, Rose K. C. Moritz, Johannes Schleusener, Martina C. Meinke

In this work we investigate cell damage in whole slice images of the epidermis. A common way for pathologists to annotate a score, characterising the degree of damage for these samples, is the ratio between healthy and unhealthy nuclei. The...

Mai 2023

Data Models for Dataset Drift Controls in Machine Learning With Optical Images

Luis Oala, Wojciech Samek, Gabriel Nobis, Christian Matek, Bruno Sanguinetti, Marco Aversa, Kurt Willis, Yoan Neuenschwander, Michèle Buck, Jerome Extermann, Enrico Pomarico, Roderick Murray-Smith, Christoph Clausen

In this study, we pair traditional machine learning with physical optics to obtain explicit and differentiable data models. We demonstrate how such data models can be constructed for image data and used to control downstream machine learning...

Mai 2023

Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of CAZAC-type Training Sequences for MxM SDM-MIMO Channel Estimation

Nicolas Braig-Christophersen, Colja Schubert, Carsten Schmidt-Langhorst, Robert Elschner, Johannes Fischer, Robert Emmerich, Andreas Maaßen, Juan L. Morrone

In this work, we experimentally and numerically compare cyclic shifted constant-amplitude zero-autocorrelation (CAZAC) training sequences (TS) with different number of repetitions, sequence lengths and scalings for channel estimation in an...

Mai 2023

Demonstration of a 15-Mode Network Node Supported by a Field-Deployed 15-Mode Fiber

Ruben S. Luis, A. Mecozzi, Colja Schubert, F. Achten, Robert Emmerich, Nicolas Braig-Christophersen, Georg Rademacher, Hideaki Furukawa, Giammarco Di Sciullo, Andrea Marotta, Ralf Stolte, Fabio Graziosi, Cristian Antonelli, Pierre Sillard, Giuseppe Ferri, Benjamin J. Puttnam, Roland Ryf, Lauren Dallachiesa, Satoshi Shinada

Researchers from NICT, University of L’Aquila, Finisar, Prysmian and Nokia Bell Lab demonstrate a 2-line side 15-mode spatial division multiplexing network node based on fifteen 2×2 wavelength cross-connects to direct up to six 5 Tb/s, 15-mode,...

April 2023

Optimization and Performance Evaluation of Single-mode SOI Waveguides for Ultra-broadband C-to-S Wavelength Conversion

Gregor Ronniger, Colja Schubert, Carsten Schmidt-Langhorst, Ronald Freund, Robert Elschner, Tomoyuki Kato, Isaac Sackey, Takeshi Hoshida, Hidenobu Muranaka, Shun Okada, Yu Tanaka, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Md Mahasin Khan

We implemented an all-optical C-to-S band wavelength converter based on low-complexity SOI strip waveguides. Its bandwidth was optimized and crosstalk issues were modeled numerically. These devices were experimentally evaluated to have a...

April 2023

1x4 Vertical Power Splitter/Combiner: A Basic Building Block for Complex 3D Waveguide Routing Networks

Madeleine Weigel, Norbert Keil, Martin Schell, Moritz Kleinert, Crispin Zawadzki, D. De Felipe, Martin Kresse, Tianwen Qian, Jakob Reck, Klara Mihov, Jan H. Bach, Philipp Winklhofer

A novel polymer-based 1x4 vertical multimode interference (MMI) coupler for 3D photonics is presented. It connects four vertically stacked waveguide layers with a spacing of 21.6 µm. The functionality is demonstrated on a fabricated device.

April 2023

Uniform Analysis of Multipath Components From Various Scenarios With Time-Domain Channel Sounding at 300GHz

Alper Schultze, Wilhelm Keusgen, Michael Peter, Ramez Askar, Thomas Kürner, Johannes M.Eckhardt, Tobias Doeker

For the first time, channel measurements at 300 GHz from various environments and different measurement systems are jointly analyzed and published.

April 2023

Telepresence for surgical assistance and training using eXtended reality during and after pandemic periods

Eric Wisotzky, Peter Eisert, Anna Hilsmann, Jean-Claude Rosenthal, Florian Uecker, Philipp Arens, Armin Schneider, Senna Meij, John van den Dobblesteen

Existing challenges in surgical education (See one, do one, teach one) as well as the COVID-19 pandemic make it necessary to develop new ways for surgical training. This work describes the implementation of a scalable remote solution called...

April 2023

Berlin V2X: A Machine Learning Dataset from Multiple Vehicles and Radio Access Technologies

Rodrigo Hernangómez, Philipp Geuer, Alexandros Palaios, Daniel Schäufele, Cara Watermann, Khawla Taleb-Bouhemadi, Mohammad Parvini, Anton Krause, Sanket Partani, Christian Vielhaus, Martin Kasparick, Daniel F. Külzer, Friedrich Burmeister, Frank H. P. Fitzek, Hans D. Schotten, Gerhard Fettweis, Sławomir Stańczak

The Berlin V2X dataset offers high-resolution GPS-located wireless measurements across diverse urban environments in the city of Berlin for both cellular and sidelink radio access technologies, including information on the physical layer,...

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