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September 2021

Interconnection challenges on integrated terahertz photonic systems

Guillermo Carpintero, Norbert Keil, David DeFelipe, Björn Globisch, Lars Liebermeister, Muhsin Ali, Luis Enrique Garcia-Munoz, Sebastian Lauck, Michael Nagel, Alejandro Rivera-Lavado, Daniel Gallego, Dmitry Lyubchenko, Nikolaos Xenidis, Enrique Prados-Castro, Jose Maria Pindado-Buendia, Riccardo Rossetti

Current challenges for RF interconnects are presented, esp. for calibrated measures of the frequency response of components operating > 100 GHz. Photonics and electronics are combined to develop new paradigm in the millimetre and Terahertz...

September 2021

Curiously Effective Features For Image Quality Prediction

Sören Becker, Thomas Wiegand, Sebastian Bosse

We find feature extractors constructed from random noise to be sufficient to learn a linear regression model whose quality predictions reach high correlations with human visual quality ratings, on par with a model with learned features.

September 2021

EEG-Based Analysis of the Impact of Familiarity in the Perception of Deepfake Videos

Jan-Philipp Tauscher, Marcus Magnor, Sebastian Bosse, Susana Castillo

Using EEG, we classify perceptual differences of familiar and unfamiliar people versus their face-swapped counterparts. Our results show that it is possible to discriminate fake videos from genuine ones when at least one face-swapped actor is...

September 2021

Influence of losses on the Laser Voltage drop of the active section

Magnus Happach, Norbert Keil, Martin Schell, Moritz Kleinert, Walter Brinker, Crispin Zawadzki, Martin Moehrle, David de Felipe Mesquida, Martin Kresse, Gelani Irmscher, Werner Hofmann, Victor Nicolai Friedhoff

A model of a tunable distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) laser describing the effect of cavity losses on the gain voltage is presented. Theoretical and experimental results are in good agreement. Measurements show the gain voltage trace for Bragg...

September 2021

An Efficient Multi-Link Channel Model for LiFi

Sreelal Maravanchery Mana, Volker Jungnickel, Jonas Hilt, Peter Hellwig, Sepideh Mohammadi Kouhini, Kerolos Gabra Kamel Gabra

The emergence of LiFi for indoor communications opens up new possibilities for wireless services in crowded multiuser scenarios. The deployment of LiFi in indoor scenarios is challenging due to the line-of-sight (LOS) blockage as well as...

August 2021

FantastIC4: A Hardware-Software Co-Design Approach for Efficiently Running 4bit-Compact Multilayer Perceptrons

Simon Wiedemann, Thomas Wiegand, Wojciech Samek, Friedel Gerfers, Daniel Becking, Suhas Shivapakashy, Pablo Wiedemann

With the growing demand for deploying Deep Learning models to the “edge”, it is paramount to develop techniques that allow to execute models within very tight and limited resource constraints. In this work we propose a software-hardware...

August 2021

Explain and Improve: LRP-Inference Fine Tuning for Image Captioning Models

Jiamei Sun, Wojciech Samek, Alexander Binder, Sebastian Lapuschkin

This paper analyzes the predictions of image captioning models with attention mechanisms beyond visualizing the attention itself. We compare the interpretability of attention heatmaps systematically against the explanations. We demonstrate that...

August 2021

LiFi Positioning for Industry 4.0

Sepideh Mohammadi Kouhini, Volker Jungnickel, Ronald Freund, Christoph Kottke, Ziyan Ma, Marcel Müller, Daniel Behnke, Marcos Martinez Vazquez, Jean-Paul Linnartz

Precise  position  information  is  considered  as  the main  enabler  for  the  implementation  of  smart  manufacturing systems  in  Industry  4.0.  In ...

August 2021

Benefits of MIMO Mode Switching, Angular Diversity and Multiuser Multiplexing for LiFi

Sepideh Mohammadi Kouhini, Volker Jungnickel, Ronald Freund, Dominic Schulz, Peter Hellwig

We report on the first real-time experiments with distributed MIMO and multiple users for LiFi. MIMO mode switching and angular diversity are beneficial for robust-ness. Multiuser multiplexing helps in scenarios where users have complementary...

August 2021

Inter-Operator Machine Learning Model Trading over Acumos AI Federated Marketplace

Mohammad Behnam Shariati, Johannes Fischer, Pooyan Safari, Geronimo Bergk, Felix Immanuel Oertel

We demonstrate the development of a QoT classifier over an autonomous machine-learning pipeline, the trading of the classifier over a federated marketplace, and eventually its deployment in the customer’s network as a cloud-native...

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