Annual Reports

Innovations for the digital society

In the past twenty years, the Internet has linked people around the globe and thus changed the communication between us fundamentally. Currently, the society is on the brink of the next evolutionary stage of digitalization and we begin to connect everything – sensors, machines, moving objects and other things. To realize this in a future-proof way and to enable applications that are hard to imagine today, we need flexible and scalable solutions for the digital infrastructure of the future.

These innovations for the digital society of the future are in the focus of research and development work at Fraunhofer HHI. Whether Internet from the ceiling lamp, UHD video panorama productions for Virtual Reality or the development of technical solutions for the mobile networks of the fifth generation (5G) – Fraunhofer HHI stands right in the center of these developments. An insight into this work, the scientific achievements and interesting technologies and solutions can be found in the current annual report (pdf).