Research for the energy transition

At a time when climate change and the limitation of fossil fuels threaten our future, the search for sustainable energy solutions is of paramount importance. This is where we come in. That's why we research and develop innovative technologies that help drive the energy transition forward in a sustainable way.

Cooperation with partners from industry, politics and academia is of great importance to us. Through this interdisciplinary cooperation, we put research results into practice and thus make a sustainable contribution to society.

Spin-offs is a non-profit organization that builds modular mini-grid powerhouse systems - designed according to the German Bauhaus building block principle - in Sub-Saharan Africa with local partners to provide affordable access to clean drinking water and electricity for all. The technology was developed in Germany by the internationally renowned Fraunhofer HHI and the Clausthal University of Technology, and the plants and components are manufactured by the start-up VoltaMove GmbH.

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Imagine there is a unified 48V battery system that can be used everywhere: in small vans, on your motorcycle, on a boat, on a construction site, in a mountain cabin or in your weekend home? This is the vision of VoltaMove.

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