Technologies and Solutions

New optical material properties via material processing with ultra-short laser pulses for micro sensor technology

The research topics of the group include the adaption and optimization of fiber optical sensors processed by femtosecond laser and the related evaluation systems. The focus lies on the development of a powerful fiber optical technology platform covering a wide range of real life applications.

Examples for sensory applications: Strain and temperature measurement, 3D shape sensing, pressure measurement, chemical sensing (hydrogen, methane, formaldehyde, explosives,…).

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Surface Processing

Femtosecond laser structuring is a convenient technology to generate well-defined surfaces on virtually any solid material. Examples for femtosecond laser processed surfaces are deep black metals, increased emissivity, superhydrophilic metals or heterogeneous catalysts and electrodes with strongly enlarged specific surface areas.


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Battery and Sensor Test Center

The Battery and Sensor Test Center was founded in 2014 in cooperation with the Clausthal University of Technology with the objective to develop market-ready technology solutions together with our research and industry partners in an application-oriented and efficient manner within a secured environment. The scientific and technical focus is placed on battery safety and state characterization.

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