Technologies and Solutions

New optical material properties via material processing with ultra-short laser pulses for micro sensor technology

Material functionalization by means of femtosecond lasers makes it possible to change the material properties of a wide variety of materials, from glasses to polymers, in a targeted manner.

The FiberLab Group's research and business unit uses this technology to develop individual solutions for a wide range of industrial and socially relevant applications. The basis for this is the continuous research and further development of material processing with femtosecond lasers and their combination with adjacent technologies. For example, ultrafast lasers and physico-chemical processes for surface functionalization are combined for the introduction of individual sensory functions into glass fibers. The sensors are used for process control in industry, as well as in the fields of security, energy and medical technology. In addition to the actual sensor development and optimization, the FiberLab group also works on issues related to application-specific sensor integration, sensor readout unit and sensor network architecture

Research Topics

The research topics of the group include the adaption and optimization of fiber optical sensors processed by femtosecond laser and the related evaluation systems. The focus lies on the development of a powerful fiber optical technology platform covering a wide range of real life applications.

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Current research at the FiberLab group is based on about 15 projects from industry and public funding bodies.

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