The FiberLab group offers expertise and solutions in fiber optical sensor technology. This include the development and production of customized, innovative, and miniaturized fiber optical sensors and sensor networks applied in process control, safety engineering, energy industry as well as in the medical, maritime, and geological sectors.

Applying femtosecond laser technology, an extremely flexible and powerful fiber optical technology platform can be provided consisting of the following subareas:

  • FiberNavi: The world’s thinnest 3D shape sensor within one standard single mode fiber
  • FiberChem: Fiber optical sensors for chemical analysis
  • FiberSens: fiber optical sensors utilized for strain, temperature, electrical voltage and current, and pressure sensing.

Research Topics

The research topics of the group include the adaption and optimization of fiber optical sensors processed by femtosecond laser and the related evaluation systems. The focus lies on the development of a powerful fiber optical technology platform covering a wide range of real life applications.

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Current research at the FiberLab group is based on about 15 projects from industry and public funding bodies.

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