Research Groups


Defined changes of material’s properties by applying femtosecond laser pulses on various materials (like glasses, metal oxides, polymers, etc. …), are opening new perspectives for sensing applications.

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Energy Storage Sensor Technology

The group Energy Storage Sensor Technology develops (fiber-optic) sensor systems for the identification and characterization of state-relevant processes in energy storage systems. In addition, battery storage systems and their safety features are tested according to standard specifications.

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Surface Processing

Femtosecond laser structuring is a convenient technology to generate well-defined surfaces on virtually any solid material ranging from metals to glasses and polymers. The extremely short timescale of the laser pulse guarantees the bulk material to be unaffected from the surface treatment. Examples for femtosecond laser processed surfaces are deep black metals, increased emissivity, superhydrophilic metals or heterogeneous catalysts and electrodes with strongly enlarged specific surface areas.

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