Technologies and Solutions

Technologies for Industry, Construction and Agriculture

We develop modern computer vision and AI solutions for industrial applications. The technologies range from solutions for visual inspection, image-based methods for highly accurate and robust measurement, analysis and 3D capture of complex components as well as buildings and spaces, to augmented reality technologies and human-machine interaction to support workflows in production, construction and agriculture.


Solutions for Computer-Assisted Medicine

We develop modern computer vision and AR-based technologies for medical applications. We apply state-of-the-art image and video analysis methods, e.g. for intraoperative assistance systems. Current work includes real-time 3D measurement for implant fitting, hyperspectral-based tissue analysis, and videobased blood flow and vital sign monitoring. Additionally, also human-machine interaction and human-in-the-loop plays an important role.

Virtual Humans for XR and Immersive Media

We have many years of expertise in the field of volumetric video capturing and the creation of high-quality volumetric video sequences of people, which are suited for representation in immersive media. Based on this, we develop technologies for modelling and learning digital representations of people that allow animation, interaction and visual speech synthesis in XR environments, e.g. for digital teaching or immersive video communication.

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Solutions for Secure Authentication

We develop robust algorithms for the detection of attacks on image- and video-based authentication methods with forged identities. In particular, we address robust methods for the detection of so-called morphing attacks, presentation attacks and deep fakes. In this respect, we particularly investigate the robustness and interpretability of AI methods for security-relevant applications.

Immersive Audiovisual Media

We develop new immersive audio-visual media formats  for different applications. The developments focus on immersive video and audio technologies, capturing and playback methods as well as low-latency transmission methods. The aim is to convey the greatest possible immersion, whether for virtual participation in life events or the simulation of infrastructure measures in urban development.