Vision and Imaging Technologies

With its four R&D groups, the Vision & Imaging Technologies (VIT) department addresses cutting-edge technologies in the fields of video capturing, analysis and display. We cover the entire processing chain, from capturing and analyzing visual data over modeling into digital representations up to final visualization and human machine interaction. This includes advanced 2D/3D image and video understanding, computer vision, visual computing, 3D modeling and simulation, as well as cognitive systems. In addition, we cover complex capturing and display systems consisting of multiple camera, sensors, displays, projectors, HMDs and screens. We develop  sophisticated solutions for immersive media as well as virtual, augmented and extended reality for a broad range of applications for industry, medical technology, agriculture, security as well as multimedia.

Technologies and Solutions

The department develops innovative solutions for you. Learn more about the range of our technologies and solutions.

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Research Groups

Four complementarily positioned R&D groups focus on different aspects of the scope of the department.

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Current research at the VIT department is based on over 30 projects from industry and public funding bodies on European and national level.

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Journal papers, conference proceedings, talks and tutorials, standardization contributions and books. Find out about the publications of our scientists. 

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Student Oportunities

Looking for an interesting opportunity for writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis outside of your university or to work at a student assistant in research? At HHI we offer you challenging problems with hands on experience of applying computer science and AI for visual data in practice.

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People and Contact

Your partner for contract research and product development: Get in contact with our scientists.

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