Girls'Day 2023

APR 2023


Berlin, Goslar

On the occasion of the nationwide Girls'Day on April 27, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (HHI) invites young women to its sites in Berlin and Goslar for the first time since the pandemic. The aim of this career orientation project is to promote interest in STEM subjects and the associated job opportunities from an early age.

In five different workshops, the young women gain insight into the work at Fraunhofer HHI.

At the subsequent joint lunch, the participants have the opportunity to talk to researchers of the institute and ask them about their work. The final stop will be at Fraunhofer HHI’s showrooms. A guided tour will give further insights into the Institut’s innovations.

The event will be conducted in German.


Dr.-Ing. Ivanka Pelivan

Dr.-Ing. Ivanka Pelivan

Science Manager

Phone +49-30 31002-647

MEGA WORLD: Optical data transmission via optical fiber

In the MEGA WORLD workshop, you experience how data can be transmitted by light. You will learn more about how optical data transmission works. You will then build your own optical system to experiment with.

The workshop MEGA WORLD is offered by the department Photonic Networks and Systems.

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MICRO WORLD: Insight into the production of tiny optical chips

Would you like to make your own bookmark? Or a key ring with your own picture? In the MICRO WORLD workshop, you get insight into the production of tiny optical chips used in many areas, such as medicine or communication technology. Using your bookmark or keychain as an example, we will work together to recreate the manufacturing process.

So, put on your gloves, put on your lab coat, and come to the lab of the Hybrid PICs group of the Photonic Components department.

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Spots: 6

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GIGA WORLD: Clear view with the terahertz laser

Did you always want to know what a nude scanner sounds like? Or what the inside of a memory card looks like? Then take part in the Terahertz group's GIGA WORLD workshop and find out how you can see through plastic and clothes.

The Terahertz group is part of the Photonic Components department.

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Spots: 8

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VISUAL WORLD: Experience virtual reality with VR glasses

Do you want to know how humans can see in 3D and how a computer can apply this principle? At the VISUAL WORLD workshop of the Vision and Imaging Technologies department, you will learn what makes up a digital image and how it can expand into a 3D video. Using VR glasses, you will playfully enter a virtual world and experience real people as 3D avatars.

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SENSOR WORLD: Production of sensors and laser engravings

How does a scanning electron microscope work? We show you tiny objects from the nano-perspective. How can you build sensors with optical fibers? In the SENSOR WORLD workshop, you will learn how to make and work with fiber optic sensors. How can you change materials with a laser light? Together with you, we will create laser engravings. If you want more, you can let water boil by pedaling in our experimentation course.

The SENSOR WORLD workshop is offered by the Fiber Optical Sensor Systems department in Goslar.

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