Hybrid PICs

We develop photonic components and integrated circuits based on InP/polymer/graphene/SiN material systems for telecom/datacom, sensing, analytical, and medical applications according to customer needs and specifications.

Our technology platforms PolyBoard and SiNiX allow for rapid prototyping, short iteration cycles and low upfront development effort and cost. Our expertise includes simulation, CAD, technology development, device manufacturing, characterization and qualification.

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Research Topics

Our research focuses on the utilization of light’s unique properties with applications in the areas of fiber-based communications, microwave photonics and 5G networks, as well as life sciences and analytics. Examples of components being developed are 4M Terabit-transmitters for virtualized data center, compact and cost-effective THz sources, miniaturized fiber Bragg grating interrogator units and functionalized micro ring resonators for innovative Point-of-Care diagnostics.

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Explore the current and finished projects of the Hybrid PICs Group. Realized for public and industrial clients.

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Funding Opportunity

Apply for an EU ACTPHAST Project to obtain your first Polymer-Based Prototypes at a very low cost.