Research Groups


We offer development and manufacturing of photodetector chips and modules for the infrared wavelength range of 780 nm up to 2500 nm. Our research topics cover tele-/datacom applications with high-speed photodetectors as well as sensing devices with high sensitive InGaAs photodiode arrays.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Runge

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The Modulator Group (MOD) is developing InP based Modulators with a travelling wave electrode design.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Patrick Runge

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InP-based Lasers, EMLs, SOAs, MLLs and Gain Chips are being developed for a variety of applications in the area of optical tele- and data communications and sensors.

Head of Group: Dr. rer. nat. Martin Möhrle

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Photonic InP Foundry

We offer foundry services to external partners to allow customers/designers to acquire InP-based Photonic-Integrated Circuits (PICs) for any particular application.

Upcoming tape-out Dates for design submission:

8 Nov 2022

8 Feb 2023

8 May 2023

8 Aug 2023

Head of Group: Dipl.-Phys. Klemens Janiak

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Hybrid PICs

We enable the hybrid integration of complex photonic components for telecom, datacom and sensing applications with our PolyBoard and Silicon Nitride platforms. Contact us to learn how we can help in realizing your ideas!

Head of Group: Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Keil

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Terahertz Sensors and Systems

The Terahertz Sensors and Systems Group (THZ) applies its telecom matured InP-technology for developing photomixers and photoconductive antennas which convert optical signals in the 1.5 µm wavelength range into THz radiation and vice versa.

Head of Group: Dr. Robert Kohlhaas

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IC Design

The IC Design Group (ICD) develops high-speed IC for optical communications and provides high-frequency measurements and electromagnetic analysis.

Contact: Dr. Jung Han Choi

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The Epitaxy Group (EPI) manufactures and develops InP-based wafers for optical and opto-electronic components.

Head of Group: Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Hums

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The Fraunhofer HHI has industry standard cleanroom facilities of ISO classes 4 to 6 (former classes 10 to 1000). The complete process line starts with ebeam lithography for mask fabrication and direct writing and includes all technology steps up to final electroplating and AuSn-sputtering for contact-pads or flip-chip-bumps.

Head of Group: Dr. rer. nat. Kristijan Posilovic

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Backend & Packaging

The Backend and Packaging Group (BaP) separates the photonic components developed at Fraunhofer HHI into chips, carries out optical coating processes and assembles the devices into demonstration modules and submounts.

Head of Group: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Greta Ropers

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