Research Topics of Hybrid PICs Group

The Integration Platform Comprises

  • Passive polymer components such as: MMIs, AWGs, 90° hybrids
  • On-chip free space optics: collimators, etalons, wavelength lockers, Thin film elements
  • Highly efficient thermo-optic devices: VOAs, switches, tunable lasers
  • InP actives: Gain elements, photo diodes /arrays, DFB lasers /arrays, modulators
  • 3D photonic integration (multi-layer waveguides)
  • SiN: Grating couplers, MMIs, micro ring resonators


Photonic source for mmWave/THz application
Hybrid integrated photonic THz receiver
800 Gb/s transceiver
PolyBoard-integrated ppLN crystal
Sensor rings
Tunable laser
BB84 transmitter
1x2 TFF MUX/DEMUX: PolyBoard with integrated fiber alignment grooves and thin film filter
Coherent receiver: 90° hybrid with 45°mirror and 4x25 Gbit/s PD array (incl. bias-T)
PD Array
Polarization Beam Splitter (PBS) and Polarization Rotator (PR) based on Thin-Film Elements
DP-QPSK receiver chip w/ integrated tunable local oscillator and VOAs
Colorless Transceiver for WDM-PON
40ch OLT receiver (AWG + 4x 10 PD arrays) for WDM PON
40ch OLT transmitter
Multicore polymer waveguides for 3D photonic integration
Interrogator chip for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) networks
Microring Resonators (MRR) for telecom and sensing