Research Topics of Hybrid PICs Group

The Integration Platform Comprises

  • Passive polymer components such as: MMIs, AWGs, 90° hybrids
  • Thin film elements, polarization beam splitters and rotators, optical filters
  • U-grooves for adjustment-free fiber chip coupling
  • On-chip free space optics: collimators, etalons, wavelength lockers 
  • Micro mechanical structures: mirrors, slots and trenches
  • Highly efficient thermo-optic devices: VOAs, switches, tunable lasers
  • InP actives: Gain elements, photo diodes /arrays, DFB lasers /arrays 
  • Graphene: We are currently developing graphene-based EAMs
  • 3D photonic integration (multi-layer waveguides)
  • SiN: Grating couplers, MMIs, micro ring resonators