At the HHI we have industry standard cleanroom facilities of ISO classes 4 to 6 (former classes 10 to 1000). Our complete process line starts with ebeam lithography for mask fabrication and direct writing and includes all technology steps up to final electroplating and AuSn-sputtering for contact-pads or flip-chip-bumps. Dry and wet chemical etching for III-V-semiconductors, metals, insulators like Si3N4, SiO2, and polymers, and deposition equipment for metal sputtering and ebeam evaporation, as well as an ICPECVD system for Si3N4 and SiO2 deposition are available. We use RTP furnaces for selective diffusion and annealing. A large variety of optical lithography processes is handled. All equipment can be used up to 4 inch wafers, some special equipment even higher.

Our work is mainly focused on InP and polymer technology. Besides our research, we also manufacture small to medium volumes for lasers, modulators, photodiodes, passive devices, and highly integrated devices in our ISO certified facilities, both for customer designs and HHI designs.

To ensure a high fabrication quality we have available a complete line of characterisation tools like AFM, SEM, electrical prober, surface profiler, ellipsometer.

High aspect ratio chemically assisted ion beam etching (CAIBE)
Monolithic integrated photoreceiver with travelling wave amplifier and 21 masks layers
Mode coupled multi section BH laser with up to eight epitaxial levels and twenty masks layers
Travelling wave photodetector with 4x7 µm² micro pin diodes with BCB planarization and passivation layer