Our Offer

The Photonic InP Foundry Group (FOU) offers foundry services to external partners to allow customers/designers to acquire InP-based Photonic-Integrated Circuits (PICs) for any particular application. Dedicated software can be provided to the user for the design and layout of the PIC. The so-called generic foundry approach is used for the design of the PIC. The user/designer can choose from a list of fixed photonic devices offered by Fraunhofer HHI, called building blocks (BBs), to add to his PIC design. Afterwards, the designer can optically route the BBs together using the interconnect waveguides. The cross-section of the interconnect waveguides are also made available to the designer, and as a result, the designer can also simulate and design his/her own passive photonic devices (such as MMIs and AWGs) and add to the PIC layout.

Fraunhofer HHI offers two types of foundry services to external partners:

  1. cost-effective generic foundry service for small quantities of PICs in a multi-project wafer scheme (MPW). You can apply for MPW run here.
  2. fully custom-made foundry service targeting the customer´s specifications (please contact us directly for more information on this option)


Consult the Performance summary table and the Prices for more details.


Upcoming Mask Tape-Out Dates for design submission:

HHI31   22 Aug 2023

HHI32   22 Nov 2024

HHI33   22 Feb 2024

HHI34   22 May 2024

From InP Wafer to PIC
From InP Wafer to PIC
PICs in a Gel-Pak
Bragg Interrogator for 100 sensors on One Chip
Example of TxRx PIC fabricated with the generic foundry process
TxRx PIC used for validating the generic foundry process
TxRx PIC used as an optical RAM cell and fabricated with the generic foundry process