The detector group develops and manufactures photodetector chips and modules based on its in-house InP-technology according to customer specifications focusing on telecom and sensing applications. Our strengths include high-speed high-power photodetectors with a 3dB-bandwidth up to 150 GHz and low noise high responsivity InGaAs photodiodes in the wavelength range of the 780 nm - 2500 nm. Besides standard PIN photodiode types also avalanche photodiodes (APD), single photon avalanche detectors (SPAD) and uni-travelling carrier (UTC) are developed and fabricated. Packaging the photodetector chips with TIAs into a housing, a variety of photoreceivers can be provided.

Research Topics

Our research topics include surface illuminated and waveguide-integrated photodiodes, using III-V semiconductors materials as InGaAsP and InAlGaAs material compositions on InP substrates. As services, we offer photodetector design, design of mask sets, epitaxial wafer growth, wafer processing, anti-refelction coating, high-speed optoelectronic characterization and prototype packaging into fiber-pigtailed modules with RF connectors up to several hundred GHz.

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Explore the current and finished projects of the DET Group. Realized for public and industrial clients.

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