Research Topics of Detectors Group

Our research topics include surface illuminated and waveguide-integrated photodiodes, using III-V semiconductors materials as InGaAsP and InAlGaAs material compositions on InP substrates. As services, we offer photodetector design, design of mask sets, epitaxial wafer growth, wafer processing, anti-refelction coating, high-speed optoelectronic characterization and prototype packaging into fiber-pigtailed modules with RF connectors up to several hundred GHz.

Photodetector Types:

  • receiver photonic integrated circuits (PIC) with 90° optical hybrids, AWGs and SOAs
  • high-speed waveguide integrated photodetectors
  • high-power photodetectors
  • surface illuminated (vertically) illuminated photodiodes
  • uni-travelling carrier (UTC) photodiodes
  • avalanche photodiodes (APD)
  • single photon avalanche detector (SPAD)
  • photodetector packaging
  • co-integration with trans-impedance amplifiers (TIA)
  • monolithic integration of HEMT traveling-wave amplifiers (TWA)


  • long-haul, inter- and intra-datacenter communication
  • quantum communication
  • sensing e.g. LiDAR or interrogator
  • imaging
  • microwave photonic


Space-qualified photodetectors fabricated at HHI are used for laser communication terminals by TESAT Spacecom. Meanwhile more than 9 satellites orbiting the earth with photodetectors from HHI inside.

We closely cooperated with the company II-VI COHERENT in commercializing the coherent photodetectors.