Research Topics of Detectors Group

Our research topics include perpendicular illuminated and waveguide-integrated detectors, using GaInAsP, AlGaInAs, or InP as material system, and design of resulting bandwidth, responsivity and polarization properties. As services, we offer design of mask sets, fabrication of wafers, processing, backend, AR coating, high-speed optoelectronic characterization; and prototype packaging into fiber-pigtailed modules with appropriate RF connectors up to 100 GHz.

For enhanced conversion gain, a monolithic integration of amplifiers, based on InP-HEMT technology, provides pinTWA photoreceiver OEICs for 40...100 Gbit/s data ranges.

Space-qualified photodetectors fabricated at HHI are used for laser communication terminals by Tesat. These laser communication terminals are part of the ESA program Copernicus.

Our photodetectors:

  • Waveguide-integrated detectors up to 150 GHz bandwidth including bias-Ts
  • Perpendicular illuminated circular detectors, up 40 GHz
  • Narrowband photodetectors with 40, 60, 80, 85, 90, 100 GHz resonance
  • Self-biased broadband photodetectors up to 100 GHz bandwidth (no ext. bias)
  • Travelling-wave photodetectors with +10 dBm output power, 85 GHz bandwidth
  • Balanced photodetectors up to 75 GHz bandwidth for > 80/85 Gbit/s data ranges
  • Twin-type photodetectors with differential output for 40 Gbit/s data range
  • APDs (avalanche photodiodes for 28 Gbit/s)

Our coherent photoreceivers:

  • Monolithically integrated QPSK photoreceiver OEIC, operable over C-Band, symbol rate up to 56 Gbaud

Our pinTWA photoreceivers:

  • pinTWA-OEICs for 40 Gbit/s with 60 V/W conversion gain
  • pinTWA-OEICs for 80/85 Gbit/s with 45 V/W conversion gain
  • pinTWA-OEICs for 100 Gbit/s (under development in GIBON and HECTO)
  • Balanced pinTWA-OEICs for 40 Gbit/s with 50 V/W conversion gain
  • Design and equipment of demultiplexing photoreceiver modules in GIBON  and HECTO (s. "Public Projects" section)

We closely cooperate with FINISAR in the commercialisation of part of our portfolio. If you need any further information please feel free to contact us.