The Epitaxy group at HHI manufactures and develops InP-based wafers for optical and opto-electronic components. We employ three different MOVPE reactors for the InGaAsP and InGaAlAs material systems. Our reactors are adequate for development and small to medium scale manufacturing.
To ensure best quality, we put special focus on our in-situ (RAS) and ex-situ analytics (x-ray diffraction, PL mapping, Hall-effect, SIMS, amongst others).

Our development work covers the following topics:

  • Growth of InGaAsP and InGaAlAs device base layers
  • Deposition of semi-insulating base- and blocking layers
  • Regrowth and selective deposition for device integration
  • Quantum dot formation and implementation in emitter structures
  • Development of N2 carrier gas based growth
  • In-situ techniques for surface preparation, Zn-diffusion and growth monitoring

Besides supporting HHI R&D activities, we have a growing external epi wafer business. Some of our customers already have a proprietary design, others want to co-design or discuss feasability with us. We are very flexible regarding layer design and offer response times of only a few weeks.