The Photonic Component Department (PC) researches optochips and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for 100+ Gbit/sec data transmission and detection and sensor applications. The scientists offer production and development services in all of their activities to the German and international industry. As an example, if you already have a concrete optochip design in mind, the researchers offer additional consulting and would do design and fabrication iterations. Or if you start with a target spec, they would typically begin with a feasibility study and generate a design of their own. In all cases, they are able and willing to do initial production volumes in ISO certified, qualified production. Furthermore they offer e-beam services, and design-to-spec diffractive optical elements.

The 1.2-1.9 µm wavelength range is very interesting for sensing applications. Here, telecom technology based lasers and detectors are in the portfolio serving applications from industrial combustion sensing to satellite-to-satellite optical communication. The scientists also research silicon wafer based sensor applications.

Terahertz waves carry with them a multitude of potential applications e.g. in non destructive testing. Key advantage is the ability to cope with foam-like substances and to work without physical contact. This is important for modern, light weight materials and for in line process control e.g. in extruders at ~200°C. Fraunhofer HHI uses telecom technology to bring terahertz sensing from the lab table to a handheld technology.

Technologies and Solutions

The department develops innovative solutions for you. Learn more about the range of our technologies and solutions.

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Research Groups

The research groups focus on InP lasers, InP modulators, InP detectors, InP OEICs Terahertz sensing, Hybrid PICs, and IC design.

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Current research at the PC department is based on a multitude of projects from public funding bodies on European and national level.

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Journal papers, conference proceedings, talks and tutorials, standardization contributions and books. Find out about the publications of our scientists.

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