The Backend group develops and carries out processes for separation and optical coating of Indium-phosphide-chips (InP).

Device Separation

In the area of separation Fraunhofer HHI offers several processes for optical and optoelectronic components:

  • Manual or fully automatic scribing and breaking of chips - individually, or up to several thousand per batch
  • Bar cleaving from a width of 150µm
  • Manual or automatic die sorting
  • Visual inspection and documentation
Laserbarren und Spacer
Automatische Spaltgeräte Scriber und Breaker (Vordergrund) , Halbautomat Loomis (Hintergrund)

Optical Coating

In the optical coatings lab, the group develops individual anti and high reflective coatings for edge- or surface-emitting photonic components.

Their ion beam sputtering process delivers reliably smooth and durable coatings. The process is stable and easily controlled, which enables the precise adjusting of reflectance of the optical devices.

In order to be able to process devices with varying measurements as well as large batches, the group works with a number of concepts of holders and jigs. The in-house workshop can individually adapt these holders to the components to satisfy the requirements of mechanical stress and overspray.