Return to Charlottenburg: The new Heinrich Hertz Institute begins to take shape


The restructuring of the Institute continued in the post-war period. The Association for the Promotion of the Institute for Oscillation Research should return to being a private sponsor. To do so, it first had to satisfy the necessary legal requirements.

As a member of the association, Telefunken had already applied in 1950 to the District Court of Charlottenburg in Berlin for the appointment of an interim chairman. This chairman’s task was to clarify the regulation of the financial claims of the association. Initially, Prof. Dr. Leithäuser occupied the post. When he was no longer available in December 1953, however, Senior Postal Officer Dr. Mönch filled the post.

Soon after, in January 1954, an extraordinary general meeting of the association was held, where the members passed a new statute. The present persons decided in the meeting that the organization’s name would be “Förderungsgemeinschaft des Heinrich-Hertz-Instituts für Schwingungsforschung e.V.” (Association for the Promotion of the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut for Oscillation Research). The organization's purpose was stated to be primarily “funding the research work of the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut for Oscillation Research and granting scholarships to young, talented researchers at this institute”. After this general assembly, the future of the institute seemed to be secure – still, it took almost another two years to implement the restructuring.

On October 1st, 1955, the new Heinrich-Hertz-Institut for Oscillation Research was opened. Professors Dr.-Ing. Cremer, Dr.-Ing. Gundlach, Dr. phil. Matthieu, and Dr.-Ing. Rothert served as department chairmen. Both professionally and organizationally, the new management was able to pick up where Prof. Karl Willy Wagner had left off in 1936.