March 19, 2024

Four associated partners join the CampusOS project to foster innovations in 5G Campus networks

March 19, 2024

The national lead project CampusOS pursues the approach of creating tailor-made campus networks for industrial applications through open and interoperable network components. This includes the development of the necessary reference architectures and blueprints, the creation of end-to-end test infrastructures and the analysis and development of viable and new operator models. In addition, selected scenarios will be tested in an industrial environment in which 5G campus networks play a particularly important role.

In the project, a technology construction kit will be realized, which contains a component catalog and blueprints for 5G campus networks and is supplemented by proposals for various and novel operator models.

Based on network virtualization, which is supplemented by artificial intelligence and machine learning, functionalities of the radio access network (RAN), the core network (CORE) and network management and orchestration (MANO) are combined to create a modular and secure 5G campus network. The Fraunhofer Institutes FOKUS and HHI in Berlin have set up reference test fields to test HW and SW components in end-to-end configurations. This also includes components from the entire CampusOS ecosystem.

A total of 22 partners from industry and research are involved in the CampusOS project. In addition, CampusOS is complemented by six satellite projects that aim to develop further sector-specific solutions for 5G campus networks in the application areas of intelligent hospitals, disaster control and fire departments, industry, logistics and robotics as well as shipyards and shipbuilding.

The CampusOS consortium will be continuously expanded to include associated partners in order to drive the project's developments forward. The aim is to pool expertise and support the development of the ecosystem. Fields of cooperation are e.g. contributions to the development and design of reference architectures for open and modular campus networks, extensions of the technology toolbox, integration of hardware and software components, and refinements of operator models.

The first phase with the following four new partners has been successfully completed:

Established in 2020, CampusGenius is transforming industries with our private 5G-as-a-service solution. We are committed to redefining connectivity for small to medium enterprises through our proprietary GeniusCore solution. Designed for private 5G network development, our GeniusCore guarantees flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, enabling businesses to harness the advantages of industrial automation. More than just a product, GeniusCore embodies our vision to create secure, robust, and affordable private 5G networks, individually tailored to each business's unique needs.

MECSware GmbH, founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Nokia Networks R&D Center Dusseldorf, develops and supplies system solutions for private 5G/4G networks. MECSware campusXG® networks are installed completely on-premise and are as easy-to-operate as a WLAN. MECSware’s customer base includes enterprises, system integrators and research institutes. Based on the cooperation with its investor Sercomm, MECSware is a globally oriented company.

Keysight Technologies inspires and empowers innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, Keysight delivers market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product lifecycle. Keysight provides solutions for the complete lifecycle of the Private Networks that includes the industrial device and network solutions development and certification, network deployment and end to end network testing, and live network monitoring and assurance. Keysight has deployed its Private Networks solutions in multiple vertical industries such as Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, Sea Ports, Airports, Energy and Utilities, Mining, Defense, Smart warehouses, and Neutral hosts.  As a part of this project, Keysight will work with the consortium to supply measurement technologies to help validate 5G private networks.

airpuls GmbH is a German startup offering software solutions for private 5G networks, 5G product development, research, and education. We cater to diverse needs by supporting sophisticated cloud-native deployments and by providing cost-effective, compact 5G small cells. airpuls delivers O-RAN-compatible 5G software that can be tailored to individual customer use cases, providing unparalleled customization, configuration, and monitoring solutions. Our strategic reliance on open source software libraries enables clients to benefit from full access to all components of the 5G software stack, providing flexibility and control as needed. In addition to our customized 5G software, airpuls also offers personalized planning and optimization services, ensuring a holistic and tailored approach for our clients.

The CampusOS consortium is looking forward to the collaboration and the next joint steps with the associated partners Campus-OS — Ecosystem.