TiME Lab – Tomorrow‘s Immersive Media Experience Laboratory

Established in 2009, TiME Lab embodies a research, collaboration, and presentation platform for immersive media. It is equipped with a high-resolution 180° video projection and a wave field-based 3D sound system. Meanwhile, TiME Lab epitomizes diverse systems and use cases that have been researched and implemented since its foundation. Expanding the initial priority on the media field, TiME Lab focuses on various industrial applications.

For instance, applications in civil UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) research to safely control drones resulted in complex research initiatives. Highlighting the laboratory's expansive emphasis, TiME Lab works as a platform for the realistic audiovisual presentation of urban planning concepts, infrastructure construction, and noise protection measures.

In this context, TiME Lab proves its real-world importance in industrial projects with various rail infrastructure operators to make the results of complex noise protection measures authentically tangible for operators, affected parties and decision-makers. Moreover, the laboratory serves as a forum for diverse research projects. Included works aim to open up audiovisual recording, playback and simulation technologies for other transport carriers. In addition, applications in the field of renewable energy infrastructure play a significant role.

Furthermore, TiME Lab's production and transmission chain for 360° video panoramas increasingly expanded. The intention is to realize live streaming into immersive spaces such as planetariums. In the latest proof-of-concept project, a live concert at the Kesselhaus in Berlin was streamed to the planetarium in Bochum in December 2021, creating impulses for future projects.