Field of Research: Quantum Technologies

Second-generation quantum technologies are the key to innovative applications in the area of imaging, communication, sensor technology and information processing. In the field of quantum communication, Fraunhofer HHI develops deployable systems for tap-proof communication via fiber optic networks and free beam connections using quantum key distribution (QKD). For this purpose, the institute can resort to its world-leading expertise along the entire integration chain, from photonic chips to complete networks. Based on these core competencies and in collaboration with partners, Fraunhofer HHI develops photonic components, modules and systems tailored to the specific needs of quantum information processing and quantum sensor technology. These diverse technological competencies and solutions are concentrated in the business unit quantum technologies.

Fraunhofer HHI Competencies

Quantum Communication Systems

  • Systems for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • Telescopes and tracking systems for optical free beam quantum communication
  • Single photon sensor technology and metrology
  • Test infrastructures for quantum communication

Photonic Components for Quantum Technologies

  • Room temperature capable single photon detectors for telecommunication bands
  • Quantum cryptography transmitter and receiver for continuous and discrete variables
  • Integrated optical sources of single and entangled photons
  • Application-specific integrated quantum photonic modules