Field of Research Sensors Technology

Whether in space telescopes, in the detection of natural gases, in non-destructive measurement technology or in the analysis of two- or three-dimensional camera images: Sensors technology of the real world is always at the beginning of a digital processing chain. Fraunhofer HHI offers solutions based on its diverse technological expertise and combines them in the sensor technology area.

Competencies at Fraunhofer HHI

Photonic sensors technology

  • Fiber Bragg gratings and interrogators for the detection of temperature, strain, torsion etc.
  • Fiber Bragg gratings and interrogators for diagnostics of rechargeable batteries
  • Microring-based medical diagnostics from hospital to patient
  • Lasers and photodetectors at eye-safe wavelengths
  • Fiber optic sensor technology for three-dimensional detection of movements and shapes
  • Fiber optic data glove - from human-machine interaction to tactile prostheses
  • Multifunctional sensor technology in an optical fiber

    Terahertz sensors and non-destructive testing

    • Determination of the layer thicknesses of coatings in the μm area, e.g. for painting in  the automotive sector or plastics Extrusion
    • Contactless thickness measurement also on non-conductive components
    • Resolution of multiple layers with a single measurement and high contrast for materials  that are indistinguishable by ultrasound
    • Spectroscopy of (toxic) gases by terahertz radiation, e.g. in fire detection
    • Depth-resolved imaging on plastic or  ceramic components

    Camera sensors

    • Camera arrays for optical analysis and 3D measurement of environments
    • Calibrating and synchronizing of camera sensors and multi-camera systems
    • Construction of high-resolution, omnidirectional recording systems
    • Multispectral analysis for material and  issue classification 
    • Camera-based environment detection for scene analysis and object tracking


    • Non-contact layer thickness determination with terahertz sensor Technology, e.g. in the coating process
    • Detection of explosives, viruses and hazardous substances in real-time using evanescent field sensors
    • LIDAR at eye-safe wavelengths
    • 3D measurement