Field of Research Security

Protecting intellectual and material property is a task in which information and communication technologies play a key role. Security at the workplace or in the urban infrastructure, in transportation by land, air or water, whether functional security or attack and hazard identification: Fraunhofer HHI offers solutions with its wide range of technological competencies and bundles them in the security business unit.

Competencies at Fraunhofer HHI

Secure Communication

  • Physical Layer Security (PLS)
  • Low-cost secret-key distribution with free-space laser beams
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • Visible Light Communication/Li-Fi

Sensor Technology

  • Toxic gas spectroscopy with terahertz radiation
  • Non-destructive testing with same radiation
  • Micro-Drones Defense System
  • Battery safety tests
  • Secure workplace – Digital gesture recognition
  • Detection of explosives in water and air
  • 3D Modelling for Pipe Inspection
  • Aerial Surveillance, Object Detection
  • Flood Disaster Risk Management

Attack detection

  • Optical seal for tamper protection – optical reflection gratings in ultra-thin glass slides
  • Secure person authentication, presentation attack and face morphing detection
  • Machine Learning for Industry 4.0
  • Monocular Deformable Structure-from-Motion


  • Non-destructive material testing using terahertz
  • Detection of explosives, viruses, and hazardous substances through evanescence field sensors in real time
  • Cost-effective solutions for indoor navigation through Visible Light Communication
  • Tap-proof communication for field camps using wireless data connections in the 60 GHz band
  • Innovative solutions for forensic evidence at crime scenes or for the ID document of the future through depth maps and 3D visualization
  • Customized video codecs for robust, ultra-low latency video transmission
  • Disaster management supported by smart data algorithms
  • Safe and reliable maintenance in the wastewater industry with 3D camera technology