Fraunhofer HHI supports noise control demonstrations of Deutsche Bahn

To demonstrate noise control measures, Deutsche Bahn has developed the communication format “info point noise control” together with the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. The format is based on spatial sound recordings and acoustic simulations combined with high-resolution video panoramas or photo-realistic 3D computer graphics. In the TiME Lab of Fraunhofer HHI, rail traffic noise simulations can be reproduced realistically in previously unattainable quality. Additionally, different noise-reducing or town planning measures can be integrated into the audiovisual simulation.

On the occasion of the “day against noise” on April 25, DB publishes it’s “Report of the Noise Control Commissioner”, which includes the halving of rail traffic noises by the end of 2020. Andreas Gehlhaar, head of environment and noise control commissioner at DB, presented the noise control measures in the TiME Lab at Fraunhofer HHI. According to DB, 70 percent of the 44.000 freight wagons of DB Cargo are already on “on soft feet”, and this year the figure is expected to rise above 50.000. In addition, 1,700 kilometers of track have so far been upgraded by noise control and 58,400 apartments have been fitted with soundproof windows.

Andreas Gehlhaar: “We want to put more traffic on the green rail – as an active contribution to climate protection. For this venture we need the acceptance of the local people.” The panorama film, which was developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer HHI, could help here. The TiME Lab provides a so far unique quality regarding the realism of the presented scenarios. The 12 m wide 180° panorama projection in connection with the spatial sound reproduction via the ISONO Wave Field Synthesis System with 140 loudspeakers allows the viewer to experience passing trains and the effect of the various noise control measures in an extremely realistic way.

The “info truck” of Deutsche Bahn offers another noise control presentation. Visitors can use the interactive media station to compare the effects of soundproof walls, whisper brakes and track covers.