Final Thesis

Looking for an interesting opportunity for writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis outside of your university? At HHI we offer you challenging problems with hands on experience of applying AI in practice.

The AI department of the HHI works across different fields such as AI for health, explainable AI, federated learning, neural network compression and many more.

We have several teams of senior researchers and experts that are conducting excellent fundamental research and have successfully completed multiple applied projects.

At HHI We have a strong emphasis on training and working closely with students. In order to have a fruitful joint working experience you should have at least six months left at university until you graduate.

If you are interested in working at HHI with the opportunity of writing a thesis with us and are confident that the applied area is a good match for you, then send us an email with the information below.

  • Motivation statement (also highlight possible research topics you would like to work on)
  • CV (include projects you have completed or are working on)
  • Certificate of enrolment (add courses you have taken and completed)