High-Speed data links for data center and optical access

Future optical networks require high performance data links even for short distances, e.g., in data centers. We investigate innovative technologies regarding novel ultra-broadband electrical (DAC, ADC, driver) and optical components (DML, VCSEL, EML) in combination with advanced signal processing (DMT, OFDM, adaptive transmission, MIMO, pre-distortion, equalization).

Our research focuses on next generation high-speed short-range optical communication links with data rates exceeding 1 Tbit/s. This includes the development of innovative solutions for both 400G and 1T Ethernet. Moreover, we are working on new concepts for ultra-large bandwidth DACs targeting 100 GHz and beyond. This requires overcoming the present bandwidth limitations, which are limited technologically. We offer measurement services in our optical communications laboratory to characterize chips, components, modules, or sub-systems in a system testbed.


  • Ultra-fast > 1 Tbit/s data center links with innovative technologies for fiber lengths of a few meters to a few kilometers
  • Novel interleaving concepts for ultra-large bandwidth DACs targeting 100 GHz and beyond
  • System tests with the newest generations of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) for 100 Gbit/s and beyond
  • On-Chip high-speed system experiments, i.e., "chip-in-system" measurement environment
  • Developments for short-range 400G and 1T Ethernet aiming at multimode and single-mode fibres
  • Measurement services in our well-equipped optical laboratory to characterize chips, components, modules or subsystems in a system testbed