Industrial Wireless | IoT

For “Industry 4.0”, where flexible manufacturing aims at personalized products, reliable and secure wireless communication with low latency is mandatory. Optical wireless communication (OWC) is a potential technology for these demands. OWC uses light instead of radio, is robust against electromagnetic interference, does not penetrate through walls, is difficult to jam from the outside and inherently secure. Spatial diversity and coordinated networking will make OWC robust and reduce latency. All this makes OWC well suited for dense deployment in future factories. Fraunhofer HHI offers tailored OWC solutions and provides high speed OWC links for industrial environments.


  • Light source: any high-power LED
  • Femtocell deployment for network densification
  • High robustness due to dynamic rate adaptation
  • Immunity to RF interference
  • Low latency (< 2 ms)
  • Universal RJ45 Ethernet Interface