ITU-T G.9991

The ITU-T Q18/15 study group works on LiFi in the project G.vlc since 2015. The idea is to reuse existing physical and existing MAC layer functionality in ITU-T recommendations G.9960-G.9964 for home networking media (powerline, coax, phoneline, plastic optical fiber). The work in ITU-T has resulted in a new recommendation G.9991 finalized in 2019. Multiple chipset vendors support G.996x and some aim to support G.9991 likewise. Moreover, multiple LiFi vendors, including Fraunhofer HHI, use chipsets following G.9960-G.9964 and G.9991 in early products. G.9991 is the first LiFi standard and it is available to develop the market. Fraunhofer HHI supports the development of new features like distributed multiuser MIMO, optical positioning and low-power modes needed for promising use cases. Besides further evolution of G.9991, HHI supports activities that enable coexistence of the standards developed by ITU-T and IEEE.