Real Time Stitching Engine

The Real Time Stitching Engine (RTSE) is a software-based solution for the real-time processing of ultra-HD panoramic recordings. The software supports all necessary steps to process a certain number of omnidirectional camera images into an ultra-HD panorama. Processing includes color matching, warping, stitching and blending. The software runs on a single multi-core PC with the factory installed graphics card. It is possible to process several HD input streams simultaneously. 

The Real Time Stitching Engine supports various output formats: 

  • A low-resolution panorama, which may be embedded in a regular HD image; these images may be used to create onsite panorama previews as well as for the purposes of reviewing raw recordings and the processing of proxies during post-production editing
  • HD images, which may be panned and zoomed within the HD panorama; this technique may for example be used in live productions to control critical recording features such as image transitions, to transmit HD component images from the panoramic content to regular transmission environments or to enable the navigation by users in the various interactive applications
  • Various panoramic HD outputs may be deconstructed into overlapping, simultaneously codable HD tiles and used for the live transmission of the entire ultra-HD content
  • The latest developement makes it possible to transmit the UHD panoramic content to so-called Virtual Reality (VR) glasses so that the spectator is able to enjoy a truly immersive experience