Capture & Display Systems

The Capture and Display Systems (CDS) group specializes in innovative software and hardware solutions for complex capture and display systems in the field of audio and video processing. The development of sensor systems for multimodal data acquisition and processing, as well as their simulation, complements the portfolio of high-resolution audio and video processing, sensor fusion, auralization, and 3D audio for interactive VR/AR/XR applications, as well as medical and industrial 3D processes. The core expertise in the design and development of multi-camera systems, ultra-high-definition (UHD) 360° video and audio playback systems is based on decades of experience in technology development and media production for immersive audio-visual formats. The current highlights include the TiME Lab for immersive 3D video and audio experiences demonstrating virtual interactive real-time environments, as well as UHD panoramic videos captured with the proprietary OmniCam-360, the setup and streaming of networks for immersive hybrid venues, real-time audio-visual simulations of infrastructure planning, 360° video conferencing, self-contained capture systems (BIM), and AI-assisted data acquisition and analysis.

Research Topics

The current research areas of the CDS group include multimodal sensing, processing, simulation, and interactive rendering of real and virtual audiovisual environments.

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Current research at the CDS group is based on more than 10 projects from industry and public funding bodies on European and national level.

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Journal papers, conference proceedings, talks and tutorials, standardization contributions and books. Find out about the publications of our group.

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