Projects of Computer Vision & Graphics Group

Current projects



January 2016 – December 2018

cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation

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April 2016 – September 2018

Mobile 3D Capturing and 3D Printing for Industrial Applications

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Action TV

January 2014 – December 2016

User interaction aware content generation and distribution for next generation social television

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November 2015 – October 2016

Single Sensor 3D

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January 2015 – June 2016

The goal of AutoPost project is to automate major parts of the daily workload in audio-visual post-production, particularly for small and medium post houses and, with it, to make post-production more efficient by reducing time-consuming and costly manual processing.

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Current projects at HU Berlin


BMBF Project AuZuKa

February 2016 – January 2019

This project targets the automated inspection of sewer pipes. 3D image analysis and machine learning are used for creating 3D models of the canalization from robot imaging and to locate and classify defects.

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BMBF Project 3DGIM

October 2015 – September 2017

The 3Dsensation consortium aims at fundamentally redefining human-machine interaction. This includes the automatic 3D analysis of human faces and facial expressions which is useful in many tasks such as access-control, creation of new dialog systems for human-computer-interaction of even medical therapy.

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