Immersive Media & Communication

The Immersive Media & Communications (IMC) group offers expertise and solutions in a broad range of applications related to immersive media, interactive services, cultural heritage, telecommunication and medicine. To this end, the group offers innovative solutions for real-time virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications, 3D video processing, for high-quality 3D reconstruction, for interactive tele-communication, for human-computer interaction, for 3D user interfaces, for gesture tracking and for human body motion analysis. Current highlights are the development of complete real-time prototypes for complex multi-view camera systems that are applied in real-time VR 3D capture and reconstruction systems and large 3D video communication setups including gesture-based interaction and control by the user. In this context, the related development of camera and sensor based depth acquisition, real-time software components, experimental end-to-end systems and feasibility studies based on end user experiments are advanced.

Research Topics

The research topics address different fields in the area of 2D and 3D image and video analysis as well as gesture interaction with special focus on real-time video processing for VR, AR and video communication as well as medicine, automotive and industry 4.0.

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Current research at the IMC group is based on about 10 projects from industry and public funding bodies on European and national level.

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Journal papers, conference proceedings, talks and tutorials, standardization contributions and books. Find out about the publications of our group.

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