Research Topics of Capture & Display Systems Group

2D & 3D OmniCam-360

We are performing research and development of real-time video analysis algorithms since many years, mainly focusing on hand and head tracking and gesture analysis.

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TiME Lab

Tomorrow’s immersive Media Experience Lab.

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Multimodal Sensing

High-quality sensor systems for acoustic (microphone arrays/beamforming), visual (multi-camera systems/3D depth estimation), and other data (GPS, LiDAR, etc.) for industrial applications, such as data acquisition in the context of BIM, spatial 3DOF/6DOF audio and video capture.

Audiovisual Simulation

Data fusion for multimodal scene analysis and description, beamforming and partial sound source separation, efficient sound propagation calculation, automated generation of metadata, as well as augmentation of 360° videos with 3D content (6DOF).

Interactive rendering of real and virtual audiovisual environments

Real-time utilization of immersive spaces (3D video, 3D audio) with various interaction tools for training applications and GIS/BIM applications, as well as networking for interaction between immersive spaces/XR applications and interactive visual and acoustic simulations and auralizations.