Channel Modeling


QuaDRiGa (QUAsi Deterministic RadIo channel GenerAtor) was developed at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute to enable the modeling of MIMO radio channels for specific network configurations, such as indoor, satellite or heterogeneous configurations.

Besides being a fully-fledged three dimensional geometry-based stochastic channel model, QuaDRiGa contains a collection of features created in SCM(e) and WINNER channel models along with novel modeling approaches which provide features to enable quasi-deterministic multi-link tracking of users (receiver) movements in changing environments.

The main features of QuaDRiGa such as:

  • Three dimensional propagation (antenna modeling, geometric polarization, scattering clusters), 
  • Continuous time evolution, 
  • Spatially correlated propagation parameter maps,
  • Transitions between varying propagation scenarios

are explained in the feature section.

Reference Implementation

Getting started with QuaDRiGa

A reference MATLAB/Octave implementation is available in the download section.

A documentation of the implementation as well as tutorials is available under the documentation section to enable you to start your performance analysis quickly.


Here, we provide a collection of publications describing the implementation, QuaDRiGa related channel modeling, publications using QuaDRiGa for performance evaluation as well as a selection of publications showing our expertise in channel measurements and characterization.