Research Groups

System Level Innovations

The System Level Innovations (SLI) Group focuses on different fields of signal processing such as Massive MIMO feedback and corresponding PHY-MAC transceiver design, non-orthogonal multiple access schemes, channel data processing and many more.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Lars Thiele

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Technologies and Standards

The Technologies and Standards (TST) Group focuses on the development of new technologies and Standards.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Haustein

Head of Group: Dipl.-Inform. Thomas Wirth 

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Signal and Information Processing

The Signal and Information Processing (SIP) Group focuses applies mathematical methods from different fields such as signal processing and information theory to cope with central technical challenges in the design and operation of wireless networks.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Martin Kasparick

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The mm-Wave Group (mm-Wave) focuses on design, simulation, and implementation of mobile communication systems, mainly in the frequency range between 6 GHz and 300 GHz.

Head of Group: Dr.-Ing. Michael Peter

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Prototype Development and Systems Integration

The Prototype Development and Systems Integration (PDI) group deals with the development and construction of commercially still unavailable key components of novel mobile radio networks and their integration into existing systems.

Head of Group: Dipl.-Ing. Leszek Raschkowski

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