Agile Tunable Laser Architectures for Exploiting the Terahertz Frequency Range and Integrated Photonics for 6G communications and Metrology.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

6G-ADLANTIK project page

Duration: November 2022 - October 2025

The aim of the project is to develop 6G system components and measurement technology for the THz frequency range on the basis of photonic transmitters and receivers, i.e. using laser technologies. In a novel combination, photonic THz methods such as frequency comb stabilized laser systems are combined with electronic sub-THz mobile radio technology and measurement systems. The technologies and methods investigated in the project will be evaluated theoretically and experimentally and integrated into various test samples and demonstrators.  The system should enable transmission at an accumulated data rate in the Tbit/s range. Further demonstrators aim to apply the technology for vector network analysis for component and material characterization. The advantages of the photonic approach allow the continuous and interference-free coverage of the entire sub-THz frequency band with a single technical solution and thus enable novel applications of measurement technology, such as the analysis of extremely broadband signals or the continuous measurement of semiconductor components over a frequency range of several octaves.

In the project, the Wireless Communication and Networks department is developing radio channel measurement systems for frequencies up to 500 GHz and demonstrating their performance for communication and sensing applications.